Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Nigerian govt sue Pfizer

The Nigerian govt is suing drugs giant Pfizer for US7bn - following on from the company testing a drug (with disastrous effects) in 1996 in Kano State during a killer outbreak of meningitis. Click here for more. Finally, there is resistance to Africans-as-guinea-pigs in the eyes of Big Pharma. Thanks Aiyekoto for the link.


Jola Naibi 4:26 pm  

I had been following this in the news and the last I read - the lawyers for representing the state government (Kano) did not show up in court for the first day of hearing and the judge had to adjourn till July. Their absence was attributed to the fact that there was a lot of reshuffling in the government since the hand-over of power and things were not clear. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon, so that we know what direction this will be going in

Anonymous,  7:58 pm  

I am glad this is happening and I hope more African countries and other developing countries follow suit. I really hope this sets a precedent.

These companies make millions of pounds and continuously exploit/abuse thier positions.

My concern is if this law'suit is successful, will the victims or their families be compensated? Or would the monies go to line the pockets of the lawyers and others in authority? Am I jumping the gun?


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