Sunday, June 03, 2007

The temple in the Sacred Forest..

It reminded me of the rooftop of one of Gaudi's buildings in Barcelona..


Anonymous,  3:17 pm  

Thats the thing Jeremy, we have our own culture and beautiful traditional art but instead the government insists on building psuedo western structures and abandoning one of the things that makes thias great country of our unique.

I look forward to seeing fusions of local and traditional architecture....but i will not hold my breath!!


oh my, i am a nigerian and always think of the country as beautiful, but your collection of pics spotlight aspects of nija I haven't seen before.


The Pseudo-Independent 6:36 pm  

I am sure we can do better than this. I do not think Nigerias Ifa temples should be of a lesser standard to its christian churches or Islamic Mosques. I think all religions should be treated equally in terms of encouraging beautifying the ceremonial of religion? Despite the apparent wealth of the country, I am not impressed by such mediocrity?

Anonymous,  8:44 pm  

here here pseud-indi. However, we must consider that this effort has been a one woman crusade.

yes, it could be better, the point is to get more people interested and for them to take it beyond what Susan W has done.

The Pseudo-Independent 9:57 am  

Thanks Anonymous.

And I think the spiritual leader(s) [Oba Okunade Sijuwade/Alafin] of the Yorubas will need to do much more in terms of representing their people. And I trust that they will. Our overall leader (the new president) I think promised to raise the role of our traditional leaders in government. These are the guys who can make these changes and I think they could involve Susan at that level in consideration of her immense contribution, but I doubt they will. But I do not see why they shouldn't bearing in mind we have an African (Ugandan) as the second in command in the Church of England. The archbishop of York by virtue of that position also sits in the House of Lords.

Yet I cannot imagine Susan seating with them (President, traditional leaders etc) at Aso Rock during proceedings at the federal level to deliberate on these issues.

I think it would depend on how the argument is put. It would be nice to see Susan as a member of the traditional council at the federal level.

I wish I had the time to make my point clearer.

Anonymous,  7:10 pm  

You have Pseudo. However, I don't think we can rely on the likes on the Ooni. With all his wealth, what has he done? Nothing. Zero nothing. It is up to individuals like you and me who are interested and committed to these kind of stuff to support it and if we know people in power tradition or federal we advice and let them know about these kinds of activity.


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