Saturday, June 30, 2007

Genevieve second update

Excellent critical commentary by Molara Wood on the Nigerians in America site.


catwalq 12:06 am  

Thanks for highlighting the issue to our attention in the first place. I was very proud of all the responses that the story got and saddened that the bulk of us who could talk now call foreign lands temporary home. I mean, if we were given a chance and an opportunity to express ourselves as we are free to do with the anonymity that internet blogging offers, i am sure we can galvanize more people to action.
In as much that alot was said, most of the reactions were on the internet. Imagine all those who have neither the access to internet nor the ability to read...

Vanilla,  11:54 am  

Fantastic article by Ms Woods

Lolade,  7:39 pm  

I have just been on the article link where someone called Dave said we have dragged this issue long enough. And this is what I told the person:

[I don't know if people know this but today 1st July the Diana concert is ongoing in Wembley stadium. Diana was famous for touching and holding AIDS sufferers, when it was still taboo. Over 10 years ago that was. I think that says a lot about how terrible and outdated Betty Irabor's behaviour is. Frankly its disgusting. And to Dave and others like him who say we should shut up because Genevieve has 'apologised', clearly you have your priorities upside-down. This is why rich & famous people get away with murder in Nigeria, because nobody takes a stand on anything. No it's not enough. Genevieve must pay penance for this atrocity. We can't emphasize this enough.]

Unfortunately, sycophancy prevents many Nigerians from speaking the truth. The dangers of patronage. Nobody wants to cross the 'GREAT BETTY IRABOR. Well, I'm glad people like MW, Jeremy and others can stand up to this woman and tell her the bitter truth.

Look in the mirror, Ms Irabor.

Anonymous,  8:43 pm  

excellent article by MW and thanks Jeremy for bringing it to our attentin. Like Lolade, lets not stop making noise about this. Her apology was not an apology. If her apology has any truth in it, will know in due course (when she devotes a special issue to HIV/AIDS)

Saymama 8:27 am  

You know what? To those that say this issue has been dragged long enough, it really hasn't o. As a confessed magazine junkie, I was quite the proud supporter of this magazine since it's inception until Betty Irabor enthusiatically expressed her insincereity towards Yinka Jegede and grave ignorance regarding the same HIV issue that I thought she had dedicated an entire edition to a couple of months before - in her "own editorial!!!. I still can't get over it. Molara Woods couldn't have articulated it better. To make is worse, her so-called apology only added salt to the wound - exposing her idiocy and lack of remorse even further.
Not that she would suffer - unfortunately - as Nigerians tend to be good at sweeping important issues under the carpet - but she's DEFINITELY lost me as an reader/promoter/subscriber and former client of her magazine. And I'm going to encourage as many people as I can to do the same.
Utter disgust all over again is what I feel.

Anonymous,  10:06 am  

good for you saymama. We need more active response like this. Can you imagine if more people get the company they are associated with who advertise in her magazine to say to her that they will only advertise in her magazine if she devotes a whole issue to HIV/AIDs issue and if she doesn't they will pull the plug on her. In fact, for readers in Nigeria who are concern about this whole issue, they might do well to study the magazine and make a list of the advertisers in the magazine and once they have done that collect signatures and send it to them with the offending article. The advertisers should be encouraged to make demands on her. If we can do this, this will mark the beginning of direct action in campaigning for social justice in Nigeria and will make others sit up. Who knows this might be extended to government. We have more power than we know. lets use it.


Judy123 3:40 pm  

My own contribution is this - Now that all has been said and done.. How do we get all these comments to her (Betty Irahbor's) attention. She needs these home truths..any ideas on her blog or email?

Anonymous,  6:24 pm  

the morning dew article thar inspired me the most was the particular one where the saccharine sweet editor who obviously forgot the reason why she was featuring an hiv positive or to be politically correct a person living with hiv/aids (plwha) on her cover. was she meant to be promoting discrimination of plwha or what i don't understand. all i know is that after eating boli and epa with coke your head is never correct again!

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