Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Congrats to Chimamanda

For winning the Orange Prize for fiction (was there ever any doubt?) this evening.

She grows more beautiful and political by the day (always an irresistible combination).

Long live the renaissance in Nigerian literature, with Adichie leading the way...


Moni 2:07 am  

"She grows more beautiful and political by the day (always an irresistible combination)."

Jeremy, take time o! You are a married man ;)

BabaAlaye 8:35 am  

She's so utterly beautiful.
Read 1/2 of a yellow sun i couldn't put it down after the first chapter.
She's so beautiful. Oh i said that already.

Anonymous,  8:48 am  

no sour grape here, but she is exactly what Western media/publisher likes: Great looks and mild talent. many publishers nowadays want to see pic of an author before agreeing to publish them. In the past no such thing would have happened. the image of a person sells the book as much as the content itself.

you just knew she was going to win. the time is ripe to make history: youngest this, first African that.

But good luck to her.

And jeremy, I wonder what your wife will make up this comment of yours (always an irresistible combination)


Anonymous,  8:53 am  

Chimamanda is perfect for the West: she's attractive, she talks well, she writes about suffering in Africa. But when will we have novels set in Africa that have powerful, positive characters that are not written by Alexander Mcall Smith? Westerners love to read about African suffering - it confirms their secret longing for a perpetual roadcrash south of Spain - any opportunity to feel sorry for something. Chimamanda feeds into this desire to be feel sorry for something - which ultimately is a contorted form of superiority complex..

Anonymous,  9:14 am  

I read half of the yellow sun and I loved it. LOVED IT. I hated her first book - purple hibsicus. I didn't think it deserves to be nominated for the Orange Prize let alone win it. So I was happy it didn't win. But I think Yellow Sun is an excellent book. It is good that she won it and congrats to her.

But I agree with the two anon about how the West recieve African writing. A certain kind of tragedy and grand epic/magical realism (see Famished road) is general preferred
when it comes to African writing. My friend and I often ask if we'll ever read books about daily life in Africa that is not dysfunnctional - no cruel father, no war or something of that sort.

But all the best to the author. Perhaps this is the beginning of a renewed interest in Nigerian writing. And I hope Jeremy that your Cassava Republic and Farafina will not just stop at only promoting winning Nigerian authors that are loved by the West. I hope you will also publish and promote emerging new voices from Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa.

ugo,  4:40 pm  

I'm happy for her. I have ordered 'Half of a Yellow Sun'. I didn't like 'Purple Hibiscus' at all; I didn't even finish reading it and I thought it was all hype. I thought it was a personal bias but I asked my sisters and some writers in ANA who confirmed my sentiments. I personally thought Seffi Atta's book was better than 'Purple Hibiscus'.

BUT I hear 'Half of a Yellow Sun' IS GREAT so I can't wait to read it. I can understand this thing about the West and African suffering but Biafra was a historical fact, so why can't she write about it? Congrats, Chimamanda. May the next be even better than this.

Anonymous,  5:17 pm  

Take it easy on Jeremy now. He just admired a woman. He didn't commit adultery. If one is in a secure relationship that shouldn't be an offence. I'm sure he wouldn't raise a fuss if his wife said some chap was handsome or gifted or whatever. Because we are married doesn't mean we don't have eyes. It's our actions that we are accountable for. Marriage doesn't render one blind does it?

Yes Chimamanda is beautiful. I tell my husband Denzel washington is gorgeous everyday. doesn't mean I'm gonna run off and shag him huh?

2clever,  2:11 am  

"I tell my husband Denzel washington is gorgeous everyday. doesn't mean I'm gonna run off and shag him huh?"

Given half a chance, sure you would.

You slag. :)

Anonymous,  9:45 am  

i agree with 2 clever. Given have the chance would definitely run off with Denzel only even if it is just for one night.

Jeremy answer this: would you also run off with Chimamanda? be honest.

Jeremy 9:52 am  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeremy 9:53 am  

second most recent anonymous:
sounds like a bit of a weird relationship you have there: you wake up each morning and say, 'Hi Darling, did you know that Denzel really is gorgeous?'

While we're on the subject, I think my wife might fancy shagging Wesley Snipes, not Denzel.

As for CNA - I'm happy to report that she is in a committed relationship, so the prospect would never arise :-)

Anonymous,  6:22 pm  

OK everyday is an exaggeration but I do say it often. On the contrary< i definitely wouldn't shag him if I'm given the chance. My hubby thinks Halle Berry is cute too. Aww you guys come on. Give me a break.

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