Saturday, June 23, 2007

Woman hold breasts

Yesterday, I was reminded of the Fela song which features these lyrics:

It is because of their beauty, that a woman holds her breasts when she runs, not because they will fall off.

Fela sings in Fante, Yoruba then English. Is there any finer poetry than this? Sexuality, movement and humour all tidly pressed into one sentence. Classic anikulaponese.


Moni 3:56 pm  

You've paraphrased the lyrics. Those aren't the exact words. When you're talking poetry, you probably want to be exact.

lolaojiks 5:55 pm  

That song is a particular favourite of mine....

Fe fe ne fentina....

Anonymous,  6:06 pm  

I don't think Fela was altogether right. You try running with a double FF boobs - if you don't hold him, they may drop or you may keel over.

rr 10:35 am  

Not only was Fela not altogether right he was, in fact, utterly wrong. However wide and deep his appreciation of the female form he never had to run with the appendages attached to his own chest. And neither, I venture to suggest, have you. It has nothing to do with beauty and everything to do with pain.

catwalq 4:36 am  


Fred 2:58 pm  

As a member in good standing of the boob appreciation society, I have to agree with rr. Fela was high most of the time, just so you know. ;-)

the breast society,  5:25 pm  

as a woman who appreciates other full breasted woman, fela is both right and wrong. There is something beautiful and alluring when a woman cups her breasts as she runs for the bus. But he is wrong only because the necessity requires the full-breasted woman to hold her breast when she runs. The beauty is only percieved from the onlooker.

one of my favourite Anikulaponese!! love that expression.

Anonymous,  9:35 pm  

It's because they will knock her into oblivion that a woman holds her breasts when she runs. Not because of their beauty.

Too-lazy-to-sign-in-plus -should-be-doing-other-things-now-anyway.

Anonymous,  2:01 pm  

thought this was an ashanti proverb.

upfromsumdirt 5:44 am  

everyone is right.

1. fela probably WAS high while watching one of his many wives running around his Kalakuta Republic...

2. the arm across the breast is the next best thing to a sport's bra...

3. but - it is still a poetic phrase.

Anonymous,  11:40 pm  

i thought he said it was a proverb... not sure that he had anything to do with the content.

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