Friday, June 29, 2007

The first black mayor in Ireland - a Nigerian

Click here to read the story. Thanks PK for the link.


Nonesuch 12:16 pm  

wat religious persecutions in 2000?

Nkem 1:14 pm  

Nonesuch, I thought the exact same thing.

Ifeanyi,  2:12 pm  

Are we sure he's not Ghanaian?

Sean 2:25 pm  

yea right ever black man that seems to be doing good is a nigerian well i would agree with that..... lol good job and i would like to congatulate him.... :-)

Dami 5:38 pm  

there was a riot in 1999, he must have been processing it since then- my thoughts

Anonymous,  6:18 pm  

Well I guess saying u ran away from your country because of religious persecutions, human rights issues and all that make a much better story than saying u just decided to rellocate. Plus BBC could have atleast gotten their facts straight.....

Anonymous,  9:34 pm  

Good to know this but what kind of religious persecution? I don't want to raise dust but he should better sort out what he tells the media before he becomes another Ayaan Hirsi. He could have just said he had to leave the country. Too many details will lead to people like us asking questions, then to his asylum application being re-considered and ...

I'm happy for him but that story does not sound true o...

Chxta 10:01 pm  

Any excuse would do...

catwalq 5:16 am  

Nonesuch, u took the letters ooff my keyboard?
I am happy for him, but we need those who are able to direct their efforts and creativity to the growth of their own country and not the furthered development of a foreign land. ireland has alot that we don't.

tokunbo 3:39 pm  

nonesuch said it all, exactly what religious persecution happened in 2000? or maybe twas his pastor persecuting him. Suppose he is a northerner sef, i could have said 'maybe', but anyways, just in case Mr. Adebari claimed Kano as his state of origin....anything can happen, abi. On another note, you mean our guy never heard of Lagos-state, the land of the free?
I just think there are better and more convincing lies to tell....

Jeremy 4:14 pm  

In an article in today's UK Guardian,,,2115297,00.html
it says,

"A Christian from Nigeria, he was forced to flee his hometown of Okeodan in the south-western state of Ogun because of religious persecution."

Hmmm - what kind of religious persecution is there for a Christian in the South-West? As other commentors have quickly noted, it does look like a bit of convenient form filling..

choko 6:54 am  

Why is all these force about this successful naija ireland mayor.Anything could have brought him there,persecution or not,the guy is only fulfilling his destiny.No be all cloth them dey put for sun ho!dem go fit don pursue the guy with KURUBE, wey he come go jam his destiny that side........!!!

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