Saturday, June 16, 2007

An encounter, imaginary or otherwise..

She wore a pinstripe suit, with a white shirt, contrasting against her honey brown neck. Her lovely curves made the lines on the suit expand outwards like longitudes. She was offering something to our table. Her face was soft and radiant, emanating. She said she'd seen me the other day, at an event. She told me what I had been wearing. I felt an inner smile suffuse itself. She said my name with a delicious familiarity: the subfame of being a blogger has its returns..

After the programme, we went to a bar and talked. While she was talking and I listening, I kept falling into her face, as if diving into the ocean's aquamarine. As if we were on a Greek Island somewhere. We drank Smirnoff Ices. The pub was a loved-and-unloved Camden affair. Two scrawny mohicans took turns to feed the jukebox, with Led Zeppelin competing with the smoke to fill the air. Our voices and ears and souls mingled. All I could think was that I wanted to touch her hair and spend the night with her. Not necessarily for sex, but just to talk and fall further into the moment, allowing the frequencies between us to resonate, amplify and extend.

While walking to the tube, I told her I'd like to spend the night with her, make love to her, or at least talk and stroke her hair and allow time to stretch between us. She chuckled. She would think about it for another time. If it was a way of fobbing me off, it was done delightfully.

Later, on the escalator, she was on the step below me - I couldnt help myself. I reached and clutched her hair gently. Soft and scrunchy and endlessly inviting. She flinched slightly. Close together in the tube surrounded by lariness, I felt an irresistible urge to hold her. Somehow I resisted. At King's Cross we said a sort of goodbye. Something has opened up in the world. An aperture for a future intertwining. Love, however temporary.


Anonymous,  1:36 am  

You say 'longitudinal curves'. All I hear is 'fat'. Do you like fat women Jeremy?

Anonymous,  2:26 am  

jeremy, where's bibi in all of this? ok i get , it a joke or poem!
i hope so.

Anonymous,  7:59 am  

Good grief jeremy! I wonder what Bibi would have made of this?? I was expecting you to finish the peice with you saying " ...and then I woke up!"

Anonymous,  9:28 am  

Na wa o Jeremy, either this is fiction or a joke, or you have a remarkably liberal and westernised wife. Even if something like this happened to my husband, he wouldn't dare articulate it verbally or in writing, not to talk of publishing it on the www. You get liver o!

Wordsbody 9:40 am  


I hope BiBi is reading this o... I should know better I guess, seeing as I'm a 'fictionist' myself.

A smoky bar in London ehn? God saved you, that the Smoking Ban hasn't arrived yet. You just wait till July.

My favourite graph is the second. And I love this:

"I kept falling into her face."

Vani,  10:49 am  

Tell Bibi to contact me. I am a successful divorce lawyer with 100% record of getting my clients all they want plus some....

[email protected]

This is evidence – (whether it be an encouter, imaginary or otherwise) smarks of intention.

Anonymous,  11:07 am  

This is all great Jeremy. A more human you. Lets hear more about this side of you.

Anonymous,  11:47 am  

Oh my god I can't believe what I am reading. Jeremy is this a joke, an imaginary conversation? For your sake I do hope so. You are a brave brother! I am curious to find out what your Bibi makes of this.

Either you are one brave brother or you have completely lost your marble. On the www! I see WW3 coming O.


Kazey 2:39 pm  

Well the heading says its all , Imaginary :), Doesn't go beyond the realm of Jeremy's fantasies otherwise......

Anonymous,  5:22 pm  

Can you guys all take a chill pill and just enjoy this well-written story? And what has BB got to do with this? What if it is true and is an encounter from Jeremy's bachelor years? What if it is fiction?

The shock being expressed by my Nigerian brothers and sisters is a telling light into the state of their relationships and marriages stifled by fake and useless conven tions and social mores that dehumanize.

Ifeanyi,  5:26 pm  

The commenters here are so boring. Christ.

Great piece Jeremy.

Ladybrille 6:20 pm  

So sad!lol! U r in hot pepper soup!

Anonymous,  8:49 pm  

I'm assuming this is how you met Bibi originally otherwise I assume you are in some ER at the moment?

Anonymous,  11:32 pm  

this is definitely not bibi. Bibi in a pinstrip suit, I don't think so some how.

catwalq 6:40 am  

why do u never "deliver"? first you shenked the woman in Kano and now u are gripping hairs on the tube instead of giving her a nice wet one.
Jeremy, has none of the naija water done you any good?

BabaAlaye 8:21 am  

Funny how people "go under"(Anonymous) at the slightest inkling of possible controversy.

Nice one Jeremy. When is part 2?

i envy you O,  1:10 pm  

Jeremy, I beg put us out our misery. Is it an imaginary or otherwise encounter?

Why the suspense? Are u in an open relationship with your wife? If it is how do u manage to convince her to agree to such? I am sure all your mail readers will greatly appreciate how u manage to convince a Yoruba call to allow you to put this kind of blog up.

Ifeanyi,  2:02 pm  

Catwalq poses an intriguing question!

(By the way, all the uptight anonymouses, if you're women, Ifeanyi has a very special solution for you. Get in touch, honeys.)

Sade,  3:29 pm  

out of interest. do you ever fantasize about white women?

Jeremy 4:00 pm  

Interesting question Sade. Short answer: not really, although sometimes I am beguiled by white skin when it glows..

Longer answer available by email.

As to all those questions about 'what happened next':

I leave that up to your collective imagination, rather than mine ;-)

Anonymous,  4:04 pm  

boring BORING BORING. I bet you didn't get any. If you had, I am sure you wouldn't have dared to mention it on this blog.

Anonymous,  4:45 pm  

@ 7th Anonymous, How can u tell the writes above your comment are all Nigerians, arent you all anonymous?

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