Friday, June 22, 2007

New coffee bar/bookshop in Abuja

A new coffee bar/café called Salamander has opened on Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, next to Mama Cass (ground floor of purple painted ‘Colours in Africa’ building). It serves breakfast and lunch, as well as some dinner options.

The place is worthwhile to explore - especially if you like books and music. Inside the café, Glendora/Jazzhole – a renowned Lagos music/book shop - has opened a new branch. You’ll be pleased with their collection if you like good quality Jazz/Funk/Afro Beat and/or want to explore Nigerian music (especially Yoruba) ‘off the beaten track’.

Salamander Café / Jazzhole & Glendora
72, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja
09-7084518 / 0702-7850932


The Pseudo-Independent 11:08 am  

Thanks and ill almost certainly be checking this out today...great stuff

Anonymous,  1:52 pm  

I love to introduce a new book in town to the people of abuja and try to reach the book shops in abuja city,the book is called HOW TO BE MILLIONAIRE written by a pastor called pst.Olumide Emmanuel,we do sell other publications to sell which I will be willing to introduce to you after your promt responce.check this website for details ; and
I will be expexting your responce my mail is [email protected] and name is Bello Gbolahan number;08027337078, I will also want to have a list of book shops you know in Abuja.
Thanking you in anticipation of your cooperation.

Cynan 4:04 pm  

thanks for the post man. visiting nga and checked it out today. good selection of quality tunes, if a bit pricey. nice coffee too.

olive zaitun 8:12 pm  

I think salamander by far has the best sandwhiches ever !!!! And there steak is to die for . Its the best eatery by far in ABUJA.

Naijaboy,  10:46 pm  

I don't know -- I've eaten there a few times and it was pretty good, if not very pricey. But the last time my family went for breakfast, the following occurred:
We ordered our food, and around the time it would normally come out (20 minutes or so) the owners came in (they're well known in Abuja). The woman (who I think is actually the owner/manager) went into the kitchen, and came out. Then our waiter came and apologized that our food would take a while; within a minute or two their food was served after being there only a few minutes -- AND THEIR DISHES WERE EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE ONES WE ORDERED. Our food then came in around another 15 minutes.
I can only guess that they just went ahead and took our food, as it was pretty much ready when they arrived. This shocked and angered me, but then again -- very much the norm in Nigeria. Oh, and when we left the place, we saw that the man and woman owner had each parked their luxury vehicles so that they took up all 4 or so of the spaces in their tiny lot. The whole thing was unpleasant, and so Nigerian; strike another place off the list of possible restaurants.

Anonymous 12:14 am  

Would Certainty Check it out.....

Itua's Corner 1:10 am  
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boniface jombo 10:06 am  

@ Naija boy i think you really don,t know who the owner of that unique place is she"s very friendly and understanding she's a mother and a patriotic nigerian woman that think and put nigeria first,also wish her customer's have best moment at her cafe prehaps you weren,t treated by her waiter don,t feel bad just call again you difinately gona have a first klass host

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