Saturday, June 30, 2007

Seven Things

1. That I love the company of people older and younger than myself, as much as I enjoy being with those my age (mid to late 30’s). When you’re friends, and the friendship is based on love of life, ideas, adventure, honesty, integrity and fun – age simply doesn’t count.

2. That I often wish my blog wasn’t called naijablog. It’s problematic and troubles me. When I joined blogger, I spent around 3 seconds deciding on the name. There’s not a week goes by when I think of shutting it down.

3. It’s not possible or desirable for most people (including myself) to commit to having sex with one person for the rest of your life. It is however both possible and desirable to commit one’s life and love to another. Why should desire impinge upon a commitment grounded in love?

4. That the quickest way to hugely reduce one’s carbon emissions is to go vegan. This has more positive impact on the planet than almost anything else you could do.

5. That egotism is the ultimate source of pain and violence in the world. It breeds hatred and delusion. Buddhism is the most effective set of practices I have found to gradually detach oneself from the narrow confines of the ego, to reach out with love and care to the world, to others, animals and the environment. Any religion which preaches an all-powerful God who must be obeyed or worshipped is simply a monumental projection of an ego back into the world: the ultimate act of vanity.

6. That no matter how hard I try to abstain, I will return to my love of coffee.

7. That there is no better way to waste an afternoon than by throwing Frisbee in a park, with friends.

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internationalhome 5:17 pm  

frightfully honest of you jeremy, especially the bit about sex!

catwalq 11:58 pm  

so how do u solve the issue with the fidelity?
and why do u not reply to comments on ur post? naughty boy

ade,  12:30 am  

yes jeremy, u throw up this issue with fidelity and yet u make no attempt to explain or resolve the issue. if u have find a healthy medium of how to sustain a loving relationship with infidelity as a back-drop, surely u should share this.

Anonymous,  12:38 am  


Anonymous,  11:22 am  

so are u going to give up on blogging then? Are u going to change the name from naijablog? perhaps u can rename it Oyinbonaijablog.

Vanilla,  11:49 am  


Like internationalhome, I find certain issues your raise to be brutally honest and I like and admire it, but unlike others, I don't think you should explain to us how you wish to resolve personal matters that relate to your life.

Please do not shut your blog. You could stop blogging or start another blog, but this blog does have its place in the blog library...don't you think?

Have a good day

Anonymous,  12:32 pm  

i agree with Vanilla 100%. don't explain, just keep throwing out issues for us your reader to digest and ponder upon and come up with our own solution. Afterall u have done the greatest part of the work, by asking the questions.

please don't stop blogging, start another blog if you must.

Lola 1:37 pm  

interesting that you don't like the name naijablog, why? :o) can't imagine it being called anything else. naijablog = jeremy lol

Style Council by SisiOge! 1:30 am  

Jay, I CAN actually relate to your comments regarding fidelity and love. I feel the same and often wonder about the expectations of marriage to stay physically faithful to one person for the rest of ones' life??? How does that work. I have always believed in the what i term the monogamy of love that the monogamy of sex! It perhaps explains why I'm not married and much as i love the idea of marriage, its this thoughts and others that keep me well away....On the other hand its the partying, dressing up and celebrating with friends and family that makes it a little tempting....So i guess its just as well am happily single!

Anonymous,  9:55 am  

jeremy, why don't u like the name naijablog? Is it because you think only Nigerians have a right to it? or is it that Nigerians have chided you for using it, hence your discomfort? what?

Bitchy 11:52 am  

I don't love the name naijablog either, but I think the fact that you've got it, shows that you are one of the babas of the blog scene, as a lot of Nigerians would've snatched up the name by now. My opinion stems from a more general dislike of the word 'naija' though... I really hate that word!! I don't know why I do, but I resigned myself to it the day I heard my 50 yr old godfather use it and realised its use had spread too far to be contained!

I'm in the Dubai Airport on the free computers beside a Yoruba guy who keeps scratching his crotch whilst typing. Disgusting or WHAT?

Anonymous,  10:32 am  

Interesting your no 3. Interesting indeed. Is this what happens when 2 thinkers get together? you start thinking about affairs?

Anonymous,  9:45 pm  

I don't care about infidelity but coffee is filth.

Anonymous,  2:00 pm  

"I dont care about infidelity but coffee is filth"?!!! THAT'S a keeper! laffing OUT loud!

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