Saturday, June 02, 2007

Olumo Rock

I'm not sure a worse design fiasco could have befallen Olumo Rock with this f'ugly tiered-lift structure had they organised an international competition, which only the nastiest-minded office-block sharkitects could enter. I found myself praying for a bomb, not on Slough, but just below the rock..


Anonymous,  12:13 am  

Competitions just won't work in our great country ... brown envelope syndrome ... sorry it's ghana must go now ...
There seems a total absence of design appreciation, be this architecture, the city, products and graphics ...
Aaaaargh !!!!! it is deeply frustrating when some educated illiterate asks you to 'draw me a plan' and 'can i have two lions on the gate posts' ... better still ' the plan was good but the design was bad' ... or when the NEEDS document proposes to 'train architects to design low cost housing' ... shows that no one has a clue what architects do and their valuable contribution to society ...The medoicrity we are witnessing is a consequence of a procurement process based on paddy paddy and chop chop ... a lack of sense of duty to society ... OK time to calm down ... we have got talent somewhere we just need to reinject a sense of worth and value back into the profession partculary in Nigeria. I saw the NCC headquarters last year, 'monstrous carbuncle' as description would be flattery.... this is what happens when you let the area boys rule you.

Afolabi 1:38 am  

haa, it wasn't that bad when I went there...but it could have been better anyway

catwalq 1:40 am  

I actually like it.
i guess my taste in architecture is different.
As an architect in training, I think I would have made the design more fluid in keeping with the curves of the stone

Anonymous,  1:43 am  

Thanks for the pictures from your travelogue. They're very informative and show a Naija that I never get to see. Great job!

Aaron Rowe 8:50 am  

Climbing up to Olumo rock is one of my fondest memories in Nigeria.

Climbing up to the top with a group of friends and a tour guide. It is also the only time I've seen a crocodile in Nigeria, we saw one lying in the sun somewhere near where that bottom tower has been built.

Your post has reminded me that I need to find my old photos.

Rosa,  6:50 pm  

Olumo rock, the great mountain in SW Nigeria! It's a shame to know that this is how it has been 'modernised'. It would have been good to have the 'lift system' somewhat discrete to blend in with the natural structure of the 'rock' - unfortunately the towers are eye sore...

Thanks Jeremy for showing us the beauty of SW Nigeria.

Anonymous,  1:56 pm  

How long before we see King Big Coca Cola Banner-Adverts draped over the towers? They are the right shape! (PS don't tell Coca Cola)

Moni 7:43 pm  

found this on another forum... made me laugh:

Naijaish! 4:29 pm  

I don't think the design is that bad.I know we naija ppl are used to settling for less but i think the Gov that modernised the place did a good job.

tps360 7:42 am  

the design is a disaster..there is nothing natural about the rock anymore....... the joy of visiting olumo rock is to work your butt up to the top.....

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