Friday, June 01, 2007

Sir George Dashwood Taubman Goldie

In many ways, Nigeria began in the Isle of Man with the birth of George Taubman Goldie in 1846. Goldie was instrumental in setting up the Royal Niger Company in 1886. Goldie first visited the land of the Niger 130 years ago, immediately seeing the opportunity of creating the West African equivalent of the East India Company. The early years of Goldie's governorship of the Royal Niger Company in the late nineteenth century would make a fascinating history book/historical novel, as Goldie battled against French and German interests, as well as against the furious Fulani invasion from the north. This history is part of the backdrop for the intense 3-day battle between German and British forces on the Mountain of Death in Adamawa State in the First World War.

The Royal Niger Company (and effectively what was to become Nigeria itself) was sold to the British Government for 865,000 pounds. The story of how all this relates to the formation of the United Africa Company - which survives to this day - is perhaps the subject for another book.


Akin 4:27 pm  


Methinks you meant Isle of Man. Interesting story.

Jeremy 4:47 pm  

thanks for pointing out the error Akin.

Fred 5:42 pm  

I've always thought that instead of the trash passing for movies in Nolly wood these days, historical movies, well-written and directed, should become the focus.

I am seriously contemplating writing a screenplay about the various succession battles in the Bini kingdom featuring Queen Idia.

The Pseudo-Independent 7:04 pm  

Great post Jeremy!
This was my late fathers thinking (that UAC and the history of Nigeria were inextricably linked) when he sold shortly before he died to UAC the controlling stake in the bank (Prudent bank plc - currently the leading unit within skye bank plc) he founded shortly after he resigned as the first Black CEO of Nigeria Merchant Bank. It was following his resignation that the gentleman Chief Olu Falae was brought in as CEO, a position from where he (Chief Falae) joined Babangidas government as SGF and later Finance Minister.

lolaojiks 1:14 am  

Jeremy, Interesting Post.

@ Fred, I agree with you. But most Nigerian movie producers are only interested in 'get-rich-quick' movies and not the the art of story telling via film.

catwalq 9:23 am  

Interesting. very little of our history is documented.

Mutanda 6:54 pm  

this stuff is documented. you just have to go looking for it.

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